Thursday, February 13, 2020

Been a long time

Hi Everyone!

My apologies for the lack of posts. I know, the death-knell of any blog trying to get noticed.

By a quick glance, my last post, in June 2019, was 8 months ago. In that time, Sara's latest chemo regimen (starting in April and usually ending in 6 months by protocol) ran out of gas. While her marker has not been improving over the last few months, it does seem to be holding steady.

While the docs are of multiple minds about how well the marker indicates actual growth (nicely phrased by the pros between "it might" and "it might not"), its current water-level is well above the "you have cancer" line (no shit, Sherlock). We can't assume "all the cancer cells are dead" as she showed up for her surgery in 2017 with values _far_ lower than this and we hopefully suggested to the nurse "Maybe we killed it" and after a snort got the answer "No, you didn't." The surgery demonstrated that the tumor was not only alive, but more extensive than they expected from other scans. What it is now, we have no clue, except that I have been told that getting a scan now serves no purpose, since the treatment won't change as a result. So, we keep plugging with the over-extended chemo protocol (being applied because she is Stage IV and the protocol waives the 6 month limit if it "seems" to be doing something. The doc has been good about altering the components and their amounts to reduce the worst side effects.

For myself, I started September with a micro-stroke classified as a TIA. This created nausea, vertigo, and sweating the likes of which I didn't think was humanly possible. That was Friday. By that night I went into and then AMA discharged myself to go home.

Stupid is as stupid does, Sir.

One TV show and a whole lot of stomach emptying later (one of their direct warning signs), I was back in the ER. This time, they ran every test imaginable while the symptoms disappeared completely and released me Sunday morning. Haven't had a problem since.

Game-wise, The SCS title Iron Curtain was finished and sent in for pre-order (coming soon to an MMP website near you) and testing is making good progress on BCS Panzer's Last Stand. I finished redoing the counter art for that game and am making rapid progress on the next OCS game Third Winter. The LoB Wilderness game (No Turning Back) is getting slow intermittent attention.

I am working diligently on the v2.0 BCS rules so they are fully ready to go out the door with PLS. Getting there.


PS—The Log in to comment section still isn't working well. If you get through, fine, you might end up posting as "anonymous" but I have yet to be able to respond to any comments. The blog site I'm using ( might be the problem, so if you know of a better site to use (from personal experience please), let me know... preferably by email to